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What do I do for a living?

This is where all the grandstanding and self-important speak goes so humor me for a second... I never know how to answer what I do for a living. I wish I could say something simple and self-explanatory like photographer, doctor, or fireman. Terms like "marketing strategy" or "product development" do not roll off the tongue. Else, I want to say something grandiose and superhero-like like "I want to change the world" or something from the pages of a mad scientist, "I want to build shiny, new things", but that tends to result in weird, blank stares.

So with all that said, if I were to try to describe what I do, I'd like to think that I try to find unique ways to solve problems people and brands have - whether through technology, design or simply understanding how people work.

But pictures paint a better... picture, ahem, then words do, so maybe seeing some of the work I've done will help get the point across a little more effectively.

Curriculum Vitae


Business Analysis Team Intern @ Samsung Electronics Mobile Division

  • Conducted competitor research and created a framework to determine a potential market roadmap for new competitive product features and development
  • Conducted primary and secondary research on the smartphone market landscape in emerging markets and presented findings to determine market entry and growth strategies

2010 - 2011
Founder & President @ Hoshi, Inc.

  • Developed a comprehensive multi-channel marketing plan, encompassing brand, content and web development, paid and natural search strategies, customer acquisition and engagement efforts via direct response for various McNeil professional brands, including Tylenol and Zyrtec, resulting in client’s acceptance of a proposed $7M marketing plan
  • Presented campaign optimization recommendations based on performance analytics to client leadership, leading to registration and ordering flow enhancements that drove increases in registrations and sample orders by 25%+ YOY

2010 - 2012
Chief Marketing Officer @ Theophilus, Inc.

  • Designed the user interface for a web service delivering more relevant, personalized restaurant and deal recommendations; completed alpha build in Oct 2011 to pitch the technology to potential corporate partners
  • Constructed the marketing plan, including competitive research, target market sizing and promotional strategies for driving user adoption – via search, PR and viral tactics – for consideration for NSF SBIR Phase II funding

2007 - 2010
Senior Marketing Manager @ Digitas Health

  • Led a cross-functional team of 20+ recommending digital marketing strategies, including online media planning, brand identity development, content development, and analytics reporting for a USD billion+ cancer brand for AstraZeneca
  • Pitched an industry-first RM program that integrated social networking and gaming to promote treatment adherence and patient support; directed the program strategy and execution and gained several thousand users within a few months upon launch
  • Formulated the content strategy and managed the development of “Leading Ladies,” a Webby Award winning, online video program for breast cancer patients that helped increase leads by 20%+ YOY
  • Pioneered the development of the pharmaceutical industry’s first foray into Web 2.0 and user-generated content, enabling 30,000+ people to create customized displays of support for breast cancer patients and introducing 5,000+ new leads

2004 - 2007
Strategic Planner, Digital Strategies @ SFGT/JAGTAG

  • Conducted audience research and created use cases for the product roadmap and patent strategy of a new 2D mobile barcode technology enabling users to engage without a barcode reader; launched as JAGTAG
  • Invented a Web 2.0 program that connected the US volunteering market via social networking and won a $2M+ new business engagement; launched as with over 63,000 Facebook Likes before the program was discontinued in April 2012


UCLA Anderson School of Management | Los Angeles, CA

  • Masters of Business Administration

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Philadelphia, PA

  • Bachelors of Science, Economics
  • Concentrations in Marketing and Communications
  • University Minor in Korean Studies

Seoul National University | Seoul, South Korea

  • Penn Summer Abroad Program

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